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Forest Preschool Programs:


Our program runs Septembre to June, and we offer 7 weeks of summer camp!

and we'll send you the Parent Mentor Handbook!

$65/day (qualifies for Quebec's Advanced Childcare Tax Credit)9am-4pm  Ages: 2.5-5

We currently have a waitlist for next year:
Septembre 2024-June 2025

To add your child to our waitlist, please send an email with subject waitlist. Please include your child's name, birthday, phone number and year of entry.

Forest Preschool

Our Forest Preschool programs are nature immersion and set by nature’s cycles. We draw themes and inspiration for our activities from what we observe around us in the natural world—what we can see, touch, feel, hear and experience. We aim for your child to awaken their senses, learn through moving and doing, and connect with themselves, others and the natural world!

Les Arterres’ approach weaves creative arts and nature immersion to offer a safe space for kids to explore, play to learn, and express themselves as they discover who they are and the world around them. We draw inspiration from Waldorf pedagogy, Creative Arts Education, Place-based Education and Coyote Mentoring.

Gift your child, a day of forest adventures & creative arts in a rich and nurturing environment!

Nature Museum Mondays!

Our skilled mentor brings an item from her nature museum to spark curiosity, wonder to inspire children's learning while they explore the forest and discover their own nature mysteries!

Tuesday: Tending the Hearth

aka baking day, we transform what we harvest from the wild and our own gardens, and celebrate the



Wildcraft Wednesdays: 

Nature gifts us what we need to make arts & crafts, and teaches us many uses!

Thursday: Painting Day!

Wet on wet water colours, or mixed media, we explore natural art materials, such as paints & pigments.

Friday: Fortmaking!

Season-based fortmaking from goldenrods, to snow castles!

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We have several courses that will be offered over the coming seasons! Stay tuned for more info!

Coal burnt spoons!   Winter Animal Tracking & Stories!  Natural pigments and paints!  

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