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Tapas night

Wild Drinks and Tapas Night!

It's a lively and unique evening where you are invited to taste our seasonal dishes and wild concoctions, while you peruse our wildcrafted products for your own pantry, such as teas, vinegars, dressings, jellies and more!

Date: Saturday, October 13, 2018

Two offerings are available:

5-7pm and 7:30-9:30pm

RSVP. Space is limited.

Cost: $40 per person (includes one wild cocktail, various tapas + dessert



Kitchen Hours:

 Thursday-Sunday 10-5pm


nourishing wild teas and specialty drinks lovingly and ethically harvested and wildcrafted in small batches & fresh baked goods inspired by ancient staples of the Americas!



wild mushroom or nettle quiche, Guatemalan tamales, 

seasonal soups & stews, *wild spanakopitas

 *prepared by Sinners Pantry, foraged by us:)


home-made ice cream, wild apple cake, tumeric coconut muffins, *lemon & *almond squares, *brownies 


Available for pre-order and take out:)


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